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A Journey of Empowerment

The Southern Area Development Project imparts skills to rural communities to improve access to livelihood opportunities. A total of 130 rural women have been trained under this initiative through thirteen Vocational Training Centers (VTCs). The VTCs equip the rural women with skills in sewing, cutting and stitching.

Nasreen Bibi is from village Pahor in Union Council (UC) Lunda Sharif which is around 25 km from D.I. Khan city. For her this has been a journey of empowerment.

She narrates her story…..

I learned cutting, sewing and stitching at VTC Chambeli Tarhili Pahor. I am so grateful to God and SADP for this opportunity. I am transferring these skills to other women in the village as a volunteer instructor and have established a VTC at Pahor on self-help basis.





I was only able to study till the primary as there was no facility to provide higher education for girls in my village. As I could not study further, I spent most of my time learning stitching and embroidery to support my family. I have seventeen family members. We work as laborers and farmers and this is our main source of income.

I am really happy to see women wearing clothes that they stitched for themselves. I earn enough money through stitching to meet my own expenses and am able to share the financial burden on my family."