Fata Urban Centers Project



To improve urban services and management in Khar, Bajaur Agency and develop a framework for urban management in Newly Merged Areas.

Duration: April 12, 2012 - September 30, 2015 (AF)
Khar, Bajaur

Implementing Agency

TARUCCI, Newly Merged Areas Secretariat.

PCNA Pillar

Strategic Objective 1: Build Responsiveness and Effectiveness of the State.

Strategic Objective 3: Ensure Delivery of Basic Services.


Population of Khar.


  • The Project achieved its planned results and, in many cases, exceeded its targets. A beneficiary feedback survey shows that 93 percent of beneficiaries were satisfied with the project and the implementation process
  • A total of 532 solar street lights installed benefitting the entire population of Khar, Bajuar
  • Rehabilitation and improvement of 4.3km of urban roads benefiting estimated 40,000 people
  • 14 street pavements and improved drainage schemes
  • Approximately 900 household connections provided with a capacity for an additional 1,300 households through creation/rehabilitation of seven tubewells
  • An estimated 30,000 people benefiting from provision of tractors and trolleys provided to the MC Khar for solid waste collection.